The Clever Way to Chill

Temporary Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

How It Works

Plugs Into 120V Power Outlet

No need to call an electrician or find a 230v power source! Our units plug directly into a 120v outlet and quickly begin cooling!

Cooling How YOU Need It

Set your FoxBox Chills unit anywhere from 50 degrees down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit for the cold storage solution built for you!

Live Temperature Sensors

You can be confident that your unit stays within your set temperature range with our 24/7 temperature tracking

Plenty of Space for Storage

Our 8’x12′ unit allows for plenty of space for stacking and filling with your goods. All while being well lit for all hours of use!

Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly Rental Terms

Happy Customers

Shawn Z.

Our FoxBox experience was great. The units are very nice and were in great condition. Setting up times and communication through the process was good. Also for our specifics, they were the best price. Would highly recommend!

Sara M.

We were in a pinch for a cold storage unit and FoxBox was able to come out that same day and deliver the box. They placed it perfectly and the guys were courteous and professional. We love to use local businesses as much as possible to support the community and I am glad I found them. Thank you!

Kevin W.

As a Realtor, FoxBox Moves is the ideal solution for my clients. Whether they are buying or selling, the flexibility of storage right in their driveway allows them to move at their own pace and have confidence in safe and secure storage. This, coupled with the fact that as a client you don’t need to move the containers yourself, eases the stress of a complicated move. Try them once and you’ll never choose another storage option again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of FoxBox Walk-In Coolers?

FoxBox Chills units measure 8 feet wide, 12 feet long and 8 feet tall, providing ample space for your cooling needs.

What temperature range can FoxBox Chills achieve?

Our units can cool anywhere from 50 degrees down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, ensuring your products stay fresh and preserved.

What are the rental terms available for FoxBox Chills?

We offer flexible rental terms to suit your needs, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly rates, providing convenience and affordability for your business.

How do FoxBox Chills units operate?

Our units plug directly into a 120v power source and cool down approximately one degree per minute until they reach the desired temperature.

How can customers monitor the temperature inside the unit?

Customers can easily monitor the temperature inside the unit with a large thermostat located outside, allowing them to maintain precise control over the cooling environment.

Additional Features?

FoxBox Chills units include temperature sensors inside with set alerts, ensuring the temperature remains within the chosen range at all times. Additionally, there is a light switch inside the unit for well-lit access.

FoxBox Chills Anyway You Need It!

FoxBox Chills provides a cold storage solution for many needs including caterers, cafeterias, QSR’s, meat lockers, florists, and extra event cold storage.